Bakery Services

From simple elegance to elaborately detailed, SOOO GOOD Bakery Creations and Supplies creates amazing wedding and party cakes to suit each of their clients' styles. Whether you are planning your wedding, birthday party or special event, our cakes will be the center piece of the celebration. They will bring your event to life.

Bringing your vision to life on your special day.  This Elegant Black and Gold has now become the center of attention.

Wedding Cakes

Your wedding is the most important day of your life. Therefore, you want everything to be just as you envision it. Your wedding cake is an extremely important part of your wedding day, as it represents you as a couple. SOOO GOOD Bakery Creations and Supplies in Shreveport LA understands this and will create the wedding cake you’ve always imagined.

We work with you every step of the way to make sure we achieve the wedding cake design that you’ve envisioned. SOOO GOOD Bakery Creations and Supplies strives to understand our clients completely in order to design your ideal wedding cake. Create a whimsical wedding cake or a more contemporary wedding cake filled with delicious flavor combinations that will tantalize your taste buds.

Create a wedding day that is unforgettable with SOOO GOOD Bakery Creations and Supplies. Your wedding cake will be picture-perfect, just like you’ve always imagined.

Your Groom should not only see you, the most beautiful focal point at the wedding, he should also see him.  What better way to do so than to add his hobby or career to your special day.

Groom's Cakes

The groom's cake is an edible representation of the groom's interests or hobbies and must be amazing in design and taste. A good cake requires the right mix of creative talent and close work with the happy couple to find the perfect concept and then bring that concept to life in the form of a delicious cake.

All of us here at SOOO GOOD Bakery Creations and Supplies have extensive experience to ensure that you receive the perfect groom's cake for your special day. Call today!

We make custom cakes and birthday cakes that fit your theme or personality.  Tell you friends and love ones what you really like and bring it to life with your custom cake.

Birthday Cakes

When planning a birthday party, you want an out-of-the-box party theme that no one has seen, but that represents the occasion. SOOO GOOD Bakery Creations and Supplies in Shreveport LA wants to create the ideal birthday cake that shows off your unique party.

Let us design a cake that matches your unique theme. Whether you are wanting a simple 3 tiered cake, an extravagant 3D shape or just a simple sheet cake — we’ll go above and beyond to make sure the design is exactly what you’re wanting.

Along with unique designs, we also offer a variety of decadent flavors. If traditional vanilla or chocolate is your favorite, or a sweet raspberry or butter pecan is your choice — SOOO GOOD Bakery Creations and Supplies can create whatever flavor profile you desire.

When you choose SOOO GOOD Bakery Creations and Supplies, you’ll receive a sweet treat that captures your amazing party.

Your cake can reveal the gender by having the interior of the cake to show gender color when cut.  Call us for details or to set an appointment to plan your event.

Baby Shower Cakes

Baby showers exist to celebrate the new life coming into the world and to support the new mother and father to be. The baby shower cake must do the same thing. We can create your vision for your occasion. We can also create gender reveal cakes that will capture your message and surprise your guest when the cake is cut. Call us to set an appointment to start planning your event.

When you want the best baby shower cakes available, you want SOOO GOOD Bakery Creations and Supplies!